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If you're searching for 'yoga classes near me', look no further

Welcome to the Princess Yoga Pants!

Here you will find all you need to know about our regular relaxed yoga classes in beautiful North Norfolk. 

Cat, a fun loving, friendly and positive yogi, has created a number of open, inclusive and
authentic yoga classes which help t
o improve mind, body and soul
(beginners, chair and relaxation yoga classes).

Describing herself as ‘a 40 + woman that is slightly chubb
y, slightly clumsy, slightly
sweary, slightly wobbly and in love with wonderfully bright leggings!!  Not slick, sleek,
slim or graceful, but definitely a Goddess’ Cat’s ambition is to encourage all abilities and
ages to enjoy the huge benefits of practicing yoga –
including increased physical flexibility, strength, balance and helping with the management of chronic pain (such as back ache), as well as being able to calm the mind, 
helping to relieve anxiety and depression.

What can I expect from a Princess Yoga Pants beginners yoga class?
As soon as you walk through the door into one of Cat’s yoga classes, you will be welcomed with a smile and made to feel instantly at ease. Cat creates an environment that is peaceful, calm and non-judgemental, allowing you to take some
important time for yourself.

Cat will never push you to move in any way you are not comfortable with and can offer
alternative suggestions to help you get stronger and more confident in your abilities.

Cat’s beginners’ yoga class focuses on increasing flexibility and mobility, using stretching as the main goal. By releasing your hips, hamstrings, back and shoulders, you will be able to gain flexibility back, which in turn will help get rid of niggles, prevent injury, and boost your mobility. Changes in your muscles through stretching can help reduce or even eliminate back pain, ease stress-related problems such as headaches,
and improve overall health.

At the end of each class Cat will guide you through a wonderfully relaxing
meditation. A guided meditation to help you reconnect with yourself, your body and allow
stress to dissipate. Regularly practicing these simple steps will improve the quality of your sleep and your concentration during the day.

I am new to yoga and a little nervous
Cat understands that if you are new to yoga, you may feel a bit nervous about attending
your first lesson, so is happy to answer any questions you may have.
Please get in 
touch by filling in the contact form which can be found at the top of the page or call 07527776777 – no question is a silly question.

What other classes does Princess Yoga Pants offer?
Cat also offers a Chandra yoga class, aimed at relaxation. This class focuses on
joining breath with the physical aspects of asana (postures), which covers the whole
body, from head to toe. Asanas are a comprehensive system for maintaining overall
health and well-being. The practice is a practical way to nurture your body, mind and
spirit by cultivating awareness, stability and strength.

Through the practice of yoga poses you will learn how to effectively use your body as an instrument; an instrument that can aid you in every aspect of life! At the end of each class Cat will finish with a guided meditation which often results in yogic deep sleep.

In addition to her beginners and Chandra yoga classes, Cat offers private 1:1 yoga sessions in relation to whatever your specific need may be.

So, whether you are looking for yoga for beginners, or yoga to relax classes, Cat offers both group and private sessions throughout the week - why not take a look at some of Cat's participants reviews below :-) 

Cat’s classes take place in Wells Community Hospital and South Creake Pavilion – please check the classes page for days and times, and how to book.

So if you've been searching for 'yoga classes near me', get in contact with Princess Yoga Pants today by calling 07527 776777, email or click on the button below to fill in our online form.


Chandra Yoga - The most fun and relaxing hour and a half ever. A wonderfully friendly session which tests your abilities without being too strenuous.  Followed by the most incredibly relaxing guided meditation which can almost guarantee a restful nights sleep!


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