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5 Reasons Why People Should Go To Yoga Classes

The following reasons are just my own humble opinion and are not ranked in a specific order of importance, for me they all rate equally and all bring something to the yoga table (mat!!).

Emotional Benefits - Undertaking a Yoga practice is an excellent way of relieving stress and can improve your overall well being. I think for me, it’s this reason that encompasses all of the other reasons, so I will conclude with the why at the end!

Physical Benefits - When we practice yoga we improve our physical bodies as we move, improving overall flexibility, strength and even mobility; and there is literally no single body, regardless of shape, size, age, ability, disability, that cannot practice yoga to improve their physical wellbeing. Regular movement, with targeted breathing, can increase your range of motion; increasing your range of motion leads to moving your body with less physical effort, by using less physical effort we are able to move easier and so we continue in the

cycle of motion…the more we move the easier it becomes.

Sleep Benefits - Within our yoga practice is an element of mindful practice. Whether that is with our linked pranayama (breath), or as we move through the physical asana (postures) or if we finish our practice by an induced meditative state. When we practice mindfulness we physiologically increase the release of melatonin, which is the hormone our bodies create to aid and regulate sleep. Mindful yoga practice = more consistent sleep pattern.

When we use pranayama we are using a range of focused breathing techniques that can induce a deep sense of relaxation, which can aid sleep and help us to drift off, combine these 2 elements with the physical practice of movement, where we physically tire our bodies out with movement, we can provide the perfect elements for a really good nights’ sleep.

Brain Benefits - We don’t want to leave our poor overworked brains out of this benefit parade and the benefits we see here are linked to our circulatory system. During our yoga practice we encourage the use of Pranayama, as stated before, but another of the benefits to this deep breathing practice is the flood of oxygen to our bodies. As we breathe in slowly and deeply our lungs expand, and as we slow down our breath we create more and more space for our lungs, with more space in our lungs we breathe in more oxygen, and when we breathe in more oxygen, that oxygen is transferred into our blood, and as we flow through our postures and continue to breathe, that blood flows throughout our body improving our richly oxygenated blood supply to all of our wonderful vital organs…body bliss! So, when we throw in some inversions (upside down practice), like forward folds for example (can be done standing or seated!), our heads become flooded too with this oxygen rich blood, more oxygen to the brain means improved concentration, clarity, memory and focus, sounds like a win to me!

Fun Benefits - Practicing yoga with a group of like minded people is a really fun way to spend an hour or so. Within classes you build a sense of community, a network of support and connection, a place where we can feel ALL the feelings, safety, empowerment, vulnerability, happiness, empathy, of shared struggle, celebration of others, the possibilities here are literally endless.

In the classes that I facilitate, I encourage that sense of connection between us all, I’m not the ‘leader’ of the group, merely one person in a collective community, that brings my own elements to the party, everyone is valued and everyone can bring their own inherent skills, thoughts, opinions. We may all lead very different lives, but we still all have one common interest, the practice of yoga and the love of laughter and the ability to practice in a safe, non-judgemental arena. Life can be very serious, so it is important to remember the FUN!

And, so I loop back around to my opening benefit of OVERALL WELL BEING! I write it in capitals to emaphsise the importance that this one element can have on our lives.

Whatever our role in life, whether we are carer, or cared for, provider, or provided for, pack wolves or lone wolves; our own sense of being should not be underestimated when it comes to our happiness, for what is life without happiness? Banal, empty, hopeless even?

I know Yoga isn’t a cure for everything - but it’s a bloody good start!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading my little blog, and if you would like to join me in a class you can head over to my booking page to find a range of classes, from beginners yoga, chair yoga, relaxation yoga, I’m sure you will find something that suits you.


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