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Hello I'm Cat a yoga practitioner.

My name is Cat, the founder of Princess Yoga Pants.

Why 'Princess Yoga Pants'? - It's kind of a silly name right?!

Well, I try not to take myself too seriously, I like a bit of fun and a lot
of colour in my life!

When I think of the phrase 'Princess Yoga Pants', I envision some slick, sleek, slim graceful goddess, there is such a perception in the world of what someone that practices and teaches yoga should be and should look like... well, that ain't me!!

I've loved my yoga journey and want to share what I have learnt so far, in an inclusive, open and authentic way to anyone that wants to experience the joy and benefits of yoga for themselves. Read more about my journey below.

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My Yoga Journey

I first found a love of Yoga when I was pregnant, and it really helped me prepare for birth, but I didn't really practice after that. As a busy Mental Health Nurse, my focus was all about caring for my family and working hard.

However, I was coming to the realisation that something was missing for
me, and what was missing led me right back to yoga. I started with a regular home practice and felt the benefits so quickly.

I decided then to complete my yoga teacher training, and in October 2019 I completed my 200 hour certified yoga teacher training up in Glasgow, and became a qualified yoga practitioner. This training had a focus on Women, At All Stages of Life, I learnt about and became qualified to teach in Pre and Post-natal Yoga, Baby Massage, Mum & Baby Yoga and Women's Focus Yoga.

However, what this training also taught me is how much I did not know about Yoga and I have been striving ever since to learn more, grow more with my Yoga practice and the practices that I lead others in.

I now have over 500 hours certified yoga teacher training and have since become a certified Flexibility Coach, a certified Children's Yoga Teacher (2-17) and have many other Yoga Teachings on my current radar.

The plan had been to launch myself back in February 2020, but, as we all know, that little thing called a pandemic happened. At that point, with nursing, it was all hands on deck, and I did not have the time or space to focus on my Yoga teaching.

Until now. Now I am making the time and creating the space, with the support from my family.

To be able to focus on trying something new. 

New for me.

New for my family.

And I hope New for you too.

My style is laid back and informal.

My ethos is around kindness. 

To be kind to myself.

To be kind toward others.

And to encourage kindness in others.

And most of all, to bring a bit of fun into the world.

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